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Audio Engineer, Composer, Podcaster

I am Sam

Hi! I'm Sam Antonioli--a homegrown audio engineer, music composer, sound designer, podcaster, Montanan, and overall geek. I've been creating musical doodles from as long as I can remember, but I officially started publishing my music around 2006.

My musical portfolio is archived on my SoundCloud page (which is also embedded below) and has accumulated over 73,000 plays and 3,200 downloads over the past six years. As a self-proclaimed technology buff, I feel that my music expresses me greatly -- whether it be video game-inspired chiptunes, orchestrations, pop music, or darker electronica.

In early 2010 I was discovered by electropop musician and acclaimed YouTuber, Joseph Birdsong, and was asked to produce his debut CD, Young & Free, Pt. 1, which was released in late December 2010 under the critically acclaimed online record label, DFTBA Records LLC.

I graduated from Helena High School in 2012 with honors, and am an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, having studied Electronic Production and Design from 2012-2014.

Along with continuing to create and independently distribute music with my creative partner in crime and now very good friend, Joseph Birdsong, we have also started up a variety podcast called "The Show with Sam & Joe" in which I produce, co-host, and help manage on a weekly basis.




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